Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Social Evolution (In a Broader Perspective)

Venki in his article, Social Evolution, has established a good relationship between the social and biological evolution. The route that he has taken to make these observations is similar to that of Herbert Spencer’s “Utilitarian Approach” and “Individualistic Approach” in the sense that the crux of his article lies in the thought that individuals come together for the ease of their survival.
One should know that there are enough evidences to prove that the social behaviour of man is innate and not just based on the utility aspect of such interactions. To prove this on an individual level one has to observe the relationship of a child with its mother. A child's brain is too immature to understand the benefits or limitations of this relationship but he/she still indulges into this primary relationship of a mother and child. This observation of mine even if paralleled to animals stands firm as this relationship exists in most of the mammals.
The primary difference which is overlooked in the article of social evolution is that it is related to society and not individual. A society grows diverse in its means of livelihood and becomes increasingly interdependent as a result of the burden of the surplus population on the limited means of livelihood also not to forget it leads to specialization among individual groups, focused on a particular sector. This can be given a utilitarian cover but only on a primary level of thought.
If the evolution of society is to be viewed from the stand point of an individual it will take the cover of a utilitarian approach. To overthrow this very stream of thought only did Auguste Comte insist on viewing the society to be based on the primary level of family and not individual. The society and its evolution if viewed from the perspective of an individual do not give us the basic characteristics features of it instead, miss leads us to a very narrow perspective about it and if viewed from the perspective of family alone does it give us the basic characteristics of it like curbing our natural instinct in a manner which is socially accepted.
Social Evolution as I have mentioned earlier is made along with the progress of its size. As a Sociologist it is essential to be aware of the surroundings but the manner or method of observation is of higher importance.