Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What should we protest for actually?

Rightly said by Dhiyanesh that the bill can focus on being pro-people and protect the victims of corruption instead of adding further burden on the economy of India by creating an independent body for investigation of corruption which does not provide enough for being corruption free itself later on. Mr. Anna Hazare should seriously consider his protest for Lokpal which might not solve the problem it focuses on instead would add to it. Considering that the body he intends to establish becomes corrupt it would end up adding burden upon the common man as he would be paying little higher than regular to keep the person added to the chain satisfied as well.

In order to eradicate corruption it is essential to protest against such cases and support people who do so. This would be easily feasible also is self-corrective in nature as any false case can be penalized. Social active people and those with high urge against corruption can come together to set up small bodies in each state to find such people who are in need of help and bring the issue to light. Youth of this country can do the same as they are seen to be really active regarding this issue.

Passing of such bills will only add to the length of our constitution and not be purposeful. No matter how much of transparency is promised, in our nation, eventually bodies end up becoming corrupt and none of us would want to set up body powerful enough of rocking the whole country by its head in hope that it would never fall into wrong hands.