Saturday, December 03, 2011

Child Abuse

Child abuse is an issue, a problem which no one really cares. Child abuse often happens when a child is neglected and abandoned. The deep wound of being subjected to abuse let the child live in constant terror and agony and often guilt of being abused, gives sleepless nights to the victim. I strongly believe its our duty to speak about it, to shout about it and we should thrive to raise awareness regarding the possibility of child abuse and we can prevent child abuse by letting it not happen to every other vulnerable child by encouraging every child who is abused to not keep the episode of being abused , a secret. It is ridiculous to find people turning to be fatalists when they learn that their child is abused and thereby the victim is subjected to mere humiliation and also further abuse as in several cases , it is often the father or brother or uncle or grandfather who is the culprit. When i convey this message it is not Sherin who is telling you this but it is a victim who is crying for help to help other vulnerable children. So, let us join hands to sensitise this issue which is of utmost importance.