Monday, November 28, 2011


US atones an economic crisis.Arabs suffer a democratic crisis. India, a crisis of corruption.But in one region, namely, “the Horn of Africa” suffers a hunger crisis. Thousands and thousands of people are laying down their life without a hand of food. This is a discredit on everyone of us.
The tyranny of insurgents:
The main reason for this famine, the UN says, is the impedance shown to the help agents by the
al-Shabab groups.They call themselves the rulers, who have the prime responsibility to save their subjects.
Similar affair is going on in Pakistan, where the ruling Gilani’s Government is suspicious of UNs WFP(World Food Programme) which extends its assistance to rehabilitate the flood-hit people. The Government is cynical about their action that they may be US’s Intelligence Agencies.
Superpowers-a wrong perception:
China is assiduous on expanding its domain. US squanders a lot of money in making their walls stronger. These superpowers should instead, melt their hearts to feed a million, to become a real superpower.
The UNs role:
The UN, on the other hand plays an subordinate role in these contexts.If it can use its power to dethrone a dictator(as in Libya-it allowed NATO to attack), it can use the same to save the lives of people. It has the capability to push aside some trivial insurgents and help the people.Otherwise it would lose its cause i.e., maintaining peace in the world. Better the name “UN” can be changed to “US” as the United Nations responds only according to the direction of that ogre.
Insurgent’s role:
The rebels and even the Government (Pakistan) should leave their fundamentalism and suspiciousness and should give more importance to people. If people are dying ,the very cause of forming a government would be died.
Our role:
We should create a mass awareness among the people and should insist the Government to donate a meager to WFP.Every nation should set aside their internal chaos for a small time and should do a little to save the humanity.
As a sociologist, I strongly condemn the act of killing people in this rude way.To find a solution to these problems, we formed an NGO called “LIGHT”. Please join us to sustain peace.