Tuesday, November 29, 2011

 The Social Evolution

  Evolution in both biological and social sense did not start with Charles Darwin and Auguste Comte.It came into the minds of humans as soon as man started to think of his origin.Darwin was the first one to write about it in the biological sense.But we have to remember that the father of sociology,Auguste Comte himself looked at the society as a result of evolution. Herbert Spencer who lived in the time of Darwin in 1852 coined the term "survival of the fittest " seven years before the release of The Origin Of Species. 
 Is social evolution some thing different from biological evolution? I think this topic has to be given importance in the modern time.This study will surely bring sociology out of the "abstract" tag.
  The first question here is "Is the social behavior only related to man?".This can be answered by observation of other species.If you have watched Animal planet or Discovery you would not doubt what I say.The process of living in society did not evolve after the human evolution .It was practiced for millions of years by various species of animals.This was because it was the most important process of survival for many organisms.
  Then was man the first one to live in a social group? It is clearly evident from our surroundings that even ant lives in a social group.So it is evident that living in socially interacting groups was a primarily necessary for the survival of the animal.The process of group hunting in many species is a great example that it was necessary for its survival.
  The question "Is social evolution related to biological evolution?" is weird to me.It is clearly evident from our surrounding that we are products of evolution.The difference lies in that social evolution does not take place over a long period of time when compared with biological evolution.The process of social evolution should not be considered something far apart from biological evolution.
  The relation is clear because the relation within herds of other species of animals are patterned.The proofs as I said are around us.So I think its time to study sociology with biology(the closest relative for sociology in Comte's hierarchy of sciences).