Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its Worth a try!

This is not an article am going to bore you up with unnecessary information and extraordinary instructions, this is just an introduction to what you can expect from me "krodhguru" in this blog, I generally never trust in advicing people,for it is of no use and people are never going to listen to anything unless they have a searching eye to know something!, So am not gonna waste my time on that,
am here for the sake of dhyanesh my classmate, the official creator of this blog and I can share informations that are not of high details and references but are of daily use, informations that can help people ingeneral discussions, debates and much more useless workaholic activities! ;) lol
My informations would be :
1.) Unofficial and indierect political issues which will have no formalities of respect will be seen as no direct reference of any leader,party or personality will be taken.
2.) Our department (sociology of loyola college) happenings and info's that generally students want to know and are not aware of where to claim such knowledge from.
3.) Review on major papers of the 10-so-batch and its lecturers
4.) Ideas and informations that civil serviece aspirers must get during their college time.

So thats it, this is what I will contribute and since I dont have time for silly stuff,dont expect one from me too. In case you have any queries please do post,will keep in touch with you guys, take care, BYE! ;)