Monday, December 12, 2011

The Social Evolution (2)

The term survival of the fittest in the Darwinian evolution refers only to the survival of the species as a whole and never to the be broader it more likely refers to the next generation that would be more adaptive in nature to its surroundings.I did not try to establish the similarities between social evolution and biological evolution,but tried to say that they are both overlapping and highly interdependent.

In today's society individuals have become highly interdependent in such a way that an individual survival is highly impossible.The division of labor is on is something that is taking place in all aspects of society.And is something that is inevitable.In my view social evolution will take place proportional to the division of labor.As the division of labor increases the interdependence will increase to such an level that individual survival will impossible.So I would say that division of labor is inversely proportional to the survival of the individual.Evolution will always be aiming at the betterment of the ways of survival of the individual.And we got to know that there might be negative steps that may be taking place in the society or the surrounding in the process of evolution.For example though humanity has been marching towards an better future wars were and are inevitable.they have caused millions of death within the species and by the species.Evolution can be just referred to as change taking place(in a positive direction but may take a negative path).
Now we have to think of the consequences.The industrial revolution which was one of the greatest changes that took place int he society has led to various consequences like pollution and many more.It has put the whole of earth's population in threat.What has the evolution caused in this case?That is a disaster coming up!These will be referred to by me as the unexpected end undesirable consequences that come by during the process of evolution.We have to tackle these problems or we will perish like those beautiful looking creatures which have become valuable fossils today.