Friday, August 03, 2012

Socio13's ' Discussion Table ' resumed vibrantly


The first Socio13 discussion table of this year was conducted on 2nd August 2012, Thursday at MRF Hall, Loyola College. The topic of the discussion was "Should there be a diktat one's dressing?". Mrs.Claramma Jose, Dept. of English, Mr. Gowthaman, Dept. of Sociology and Mrs. Vallary Patrick of School of Human Excellence department attended and adorned the event. A general discussion was carried out initially about the molestation of a teenage girl by a mob of 15-20 in Guwahati, Assam three weeks ago. There were heated arguments about the labeling of some dresses as 'provocative' and others as 'socially accepted'. Mrs.Vallary Patrick spoke about the culture's influence on our dressing. Mrs. Claramma Jose delineated how the power vested with the men pave way for the subjugation and oppression of women when men try to shield their power within themselves. She also spoke about the male chauvinism and the biased human society all over the world. Mr. Gowthaman gave the sociological aspect of the problem and concluded the discussion. The first year students' active participation was admiring. All the Socio13 readers are welcome to attend the discussion tables which are held at Loyola College, Chennai.