Monday, January 16, 2012

DISCUSSION TABLE - Students discussion program

     Socio13 organises 'Discussion Table' program periodically which aims to bring out views and ideas of the students on different topics ranging from classical theories to contemporary issues and happenings. Every session will have specific topic or an issue on which the participants can express their standpoint and refute and corroborate others, while moderator directing the discussion. Experts in the fields of the discussion topics are also invited. This program is primarily meant for the students studying Sociology at Loyola College and other institutions. However, students from other disciplines and colleges can also join us and participate, with prior registration.

For further details about our next session and registration, refer to the Facebook plugin in the right side of your screen. For queries, write us to

Prof. Robert Bellarmine encouraging our initiative at our inaugural session

Prof. Albones Raj sharing his views about the programme

Inaugural session: What is Sociology??"