Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do we have the will to Change??

The surfeit of scams in India is really worrying. Corruption is fueled by greed rather than need. It is an affliction that goes right down the grass-root level, where professions are sold out to the filthy lucre. So, how can it be defeated with the passage of a single Lokpal Bill, or for say, hundreds of legislation??? Even there are strict legislations against the practice of Dowry? But, do we need any statistical proof to prove the persistence of that unethical system???? Not at all.... very obvious.

We are highly addicted to consumerism, where happiness and achievement is always attributed to the acquisition of material goods. With this social mindset, corruption will exist, no matter what kind of legislation is passed. So, along with legislation we also need education to tackle that demon. It means a moral education, starting from homes and schools, parents and teachers must work towards placing money in its right place among the young minds. Corruption can be defeated only by a social change that is as deep-rooted as itself. Now, the question is, do we have the will to engineer changes??