Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Socio13 is the official blog of the students of the Department of Sociology, Loyola College, Chennai. It is created for the purpose of providing a virtual bulletin board and a discussion forum for our class students. Just like a classroom bulletin board, Socio13 aims to be filled with creative works of our students, their articles, imaginative writings, opinion articles on worldly issues, etc. More than that, Socio13 provides students a place for discussion on various topics pertaining to Sociology and encourages them to post their feed backs on day-to-day classroom activities. We also accept views & ideas, discussion topics and opinion letters from viewers all over on a plethora of topics, which will be posted to the Home page by the Editors. This would ensure liveliness to our blog.

This is our foremost step in creating a new media for our students in a world of social-networking. Because all we want  to make a dream into a reality, is just an Inspiration. An Inspiration from ourselves!   

Initiator, Socio13.